How to deposit in Tiger


1. Visit Tiger Deposit Page and check Deposit Guidelines

1.1 visit Tiger Deposit page
  1) Log in to Tiger Trade APP, go to the "Portfolio", and click "Deposit".
  2) Visit the Tiger website. Login to Official Website > My Account > Deposit.
1.2 Check Tiger's deposit guideline and choose the method you prefer.
  Now we support two deposit methods:
  1) Bank Transfer:
  • Generate transfers from your bank account and send money to Tiger's recipiant listed in deposit guidelines.

    You can upload key screenshots of your transfers, involving "bank account numbers, transferring amount" as a deposit notification to Tiger, helps the audit team review your deposit faster.

  2) eDDA:
  • Setup eDDA linkage between your Tiger Trade account and your bank account.
  • Enjoy faster deposit generated from your Tiger Trade account.
  • According to Hong Kong SFC's request, while you add a new bank account at Tiger Trade, it'll be required to deposit 10,000 HKD or 1500 USD to complete the deposit verification, and only verified bank account can be used to withdrawal. For deposit verified bank accounts, there's no minimum amount limitation for the following deposits at Tiger
  • Recipient Details may be different for different users. Therefore, please do not directly use the information shared by others to operate the deposit, and do not directly share your information with others.

2. What currency does Tiger support for deposits?

  • US dollars, and Hong Kong dollars are supported by Tiger. And, after your money gets deposited, you can have instant conversion between currencies in Tiger Trade APP.


3. Fees

  • Tiger fee: Free.
  • Bank fee:
    • Hong Kong dollars:Free for incoming FPS.
    • US dollars:Beneficiary bank charges 15 HKD equivalent for CHATS transfer.


4. Time for deposit

4.1 eDDA
  • Available for HKD
Time of deposit notification
Estimated arrival time
Hong Kong Trading Days 08:00 - 16:00
Minutes *
Other periods
Before 11:00 on the next trading day
* Despite the first deposit for account opening, which will be processed by compliance.
* Final processing speed will rely on your sending bank's response speed.
4.2 Bank Transfer *
  • Available for HKD and USD
Time of deposit notification
Estimated arrival time
Hong Kong Trading Days 08:00 - 14:00
Within the same day
Other periods
Next working day


5. Tiger's Notification

You will receive SMS and e-mail notification as soon as the deposit has landed in your account.


Please use the bank account with the same name as your Tiger account to initiate the deposit. If you deposit via bank accounts under a different name, or via third-party payment platforms, it will result in a refund. Deposit Refunds will be returned to your sending account in the same manner as they were transferred out. Also, refunds may take 2-4 weeks and banks will charge fees, which will be borne by yourselves.
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