Procedure of Withdrawal

1. Visit the Tiger Withdrawal page

You can access the Withdrawal page through Tiger Trade APP or Tiger official website.
1.1 Sign in to the Tiger Trade APP and go to「Trade」 - 「More」- 「Withdraw Funds」.
1.2 Or visit Tiger official website, log in your trading account, go to「My Account」 - 「Withdrawal」.

2. Submit withdrawal application

2.1 Select the withdrawal currency
  • You can choose to withdraw balance currency;
  • Tiger also supports exchanging the account balance into the currency you need before withdrawal. (Please refer to Currency Conversion for details)
2.2 Select the receiving bank account and fill in the withdrawal amount and reason
  • You can select or add a receiving bank account in the「Receiving Bank Account」. Please note that according to Hong Kong SFC's request, while you add a new bank account at Tiger Trade, it'll be required to deposit 10,000 HKD or 1500 USD to complete the deposit verification, and only verified bank account can be used to withdrawal.
  • For withdrawal amounts, please refer to the introduction of withdrawable amounts for details.
  • Note: Please select your own bank account as the collection account for your withdrawal.

2.3 After entering the login password and mobile verification code, please confirm to submit the withdrawal request


3. What currencies does Tiger support for withdrawal?

Currently, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar are supported.

4. Withdrawal fee and Time of arrival

  • Tiger does not charge any fee, HKD withdrawal is free. However, taking into the bank charges, if the currency is US dollars, it is recommended that the amount of a single withdrawal should not be less than 8 dollars.
  • Tiger will review the request for withdrawal in working days and transfer funds to your bank account within one working day. 

    It generally takes 1 - 2 working days for the withdrawal to your account. In view of the influence of bank policies and rules, please refer to the actual arrival time of funds. 

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