Commission-free and no exercise fee for all

Platform Fee
Long 30 calls
USD 0.3/ Contract
Min.USD 0.99/ Order
Tiger Trade
USD 9*
Min.USD 1.99/ Order
USD 0.65/ Contract
USD 0.3/ Contract
Other Brokers
USD 28.5

* Only platform fee and commission are calculated

Advantages of options

Profit strategies can be implemented in bull, bear, or sideways markets

Hedging positions can help reduce stock holding risks

With a capped loss, leverage can be used to achieve higher returns*

* Leverage works in both directions, and potential losses can be widened as well

Multiple trading strategies available

Both long and short options available*

We provide experienced investors with a wide range of trading strategies to choose from. By combining long and short positions, investors can better manage risks and lower costs, ultimately leading to a more effective trading experience.

* Please note that a margin account is required.

Margin discounts for combination strategies

We offer margin discounts on combination strategies, including covered call/put, vertical spread, calendar spread, strangle, straddle, and protective call/put. These discounts reduce the margin requirements, helping to mitigate the risk of margin calls for our users.

To illustrate, let's say you own 100 shares of Apple on February 1, 2023, and sell a call option (to expire on March 3, 2023, with a strike price of USD 150) for a premium of around USD 310. The margin requirement for this covered call position is depicted as the left sheet.

In addition, Tiger Trade's margin discount on options doesn't require holding 100 shares to enjoy the benefit. If you hold 50 shares and sell a call, the short call margin requirement can also be reduced proportionally.

Seize investment opportunities with our variety of tools and rankings


Options Screener

Tailored options contracts based on your stock holdings and market analysis.


Options Statistics

Key indicators for smarter investing: Call/Put Ratio, Volatility Curve, Turnover Ratio, etc.


Multi-leg Analysis

Automatically calculate maximum profit/loss range and estimated margin for selected combination strategies.


Trade smart with advanced order types

Besides basic order types such as limited order, market order and stop limit order, we provide advanced order types, such as conditional order, attached order and OCA bracket order.

Level up from beginner to pro

Stay up-to-date on options trading knowledge with the help of the Tiger Community, where investors share their ideas and investing thoughts.


What types of US options trading does Tiger Trade support?

Tiger Trade supports both long and short positions in US options trading.

What are the fees for US options trading on Tiger Trade?

Tiger Trade charges zero commission for US options trading and a platform fee of USD 0.3 per contract, with a minimum of USD 0.99 per trade.

Does Tiger Trade support pre-market and after-hours trading for US options?

Due to exchange regulations, US options trading is not available in pre-market and after-hours trading. However, you can place orders during non-trading hours and Tiger Trade will submit the orders when the market opens.

Does Tiger Trade support early exercise?

Early exercise is currently not supported.

How does a stock split affect the price of options?

The value of your options position will remain unchanged after a stock split, but the contract price and quantity will change according to the split ratio. Existing options will be traded under a new symbol, and liquidity may be reduced.

How can I check the margin required for an options trade?

Click on the icon next to the buy/sell button on the order page to see the estimated margin, commission, and other information.

Which US stocks support options trading?

Most US stocks and ETFs support options trading.

Does Tiger Trade support options strategy trading?

Tiger Trade supports options strategies but does not currently support strategy trading. The system will automatically match margin discounts when it recognizes that your holdings form a strategy, and flags the options combination in your holdings.

Which options strategies are eligible for margin discounts?

Margin discounts are currently available for covered call/put, vertical spread (bull call/bear call/bull put/bear put), calendar spread, strangle, straddle and protective call/put.